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Working at AcQ Inducom means working in a dynamic environment and being confronted with new challenges every single day. We ask a lot of our staff. After all, your own ideas, your visions and your motivation determine your course. AcQ Inducom seeks to create an informal atmosphere, in which people can grow. By learning things from each other, by not avoiding challenges and by the desire to experience joy in the work itself.

At AcQ Inducom not only technical people are discoverers. It will be obvious, that technical people will feel at home at AcQ Inducom. Our development staff is involved in the whole process from the initial formulation of a problem until the delivery of the solution and therefore they have a strong grip on their projects and are highly committed to them. Bear in mind, that we very often work for rather remarkable international customers. (AcQ Inducom produces appealing products for trains, helicopters, submarines etc.). Also for non-technicians there are many opportunities at AcQ Inducom. These opportunities are based on a high degree of freedom of our employees in their respective job positions. As a member of the commercial or administrative staff at AcQ Inducom you will contribute to the company as a whole and you can develop your talents in depth and over a wide range of aspects.

One of our employees about working at AcQ Inducom:

I have chosen for AcQ Inducom, because my job perfectly matches my education (TCK). As a software programmer I am more involved in the development of the tangible hardware than in the mere design of abstract software. I contribute to relatively small projects, so each year I have the opportunity to work on a large number of different projects. One is involved in the entire process from the initial idea until the final implementation. I get a kick out of bringing electronic systems and components to life. If there are any questions, I can always ask one of my many pleasant colleagues, who have their own specific competence and specialities. We are not merely writing software with blinkers on, but we are discussing ways of creating the most effective environment, in which a piece of hardware can deliver optimum performance. The working atmosphere at AcQ Inducom is unique. Besides the fact, that the job at AcQ Inducom poses a challenge in the technical field, I simply enjoy working there.

  • Informal atmosphere
  • Opportunities to show initiative
  • Extensive possibilities for self-development
  • Project oriented work
  • National and international business environment

Interested in working at AcQ Inducom ? As we are continuously looking for talented, ambitious and energetic people, feel free to send us your CV and a letter explaining why you are interested in working at our company to AcQ Inducom. We will contact you if a future job opportunity should fit your profile.