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Sunrise project


As a strategic partner of Stock Flight Systems in Germany, AcQ Inducom is involved in a brand new research project, called 'Sunrise'. The Sunrise telescope will measure the three dimensional magnetic vector of the solar atmosphere and precedes other DLR/NASA solar space missions planned for 2011. Sunrise will fly in 10-15 day missions, hanging under a stratospheric balloon and circling Antarctica at an altitude of 35-40 km. The mission critical MT Electronics of Sunrise is based on the Network Extended Control System (NECS) of Stock Flight Systems which uses a selection of our M-modules for all input/output functions and controls the secondary, tertiary and quaternary of the telescope, all temperature sensors and the aperture.

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> Network Extended Control System (NECS

> M301 Dual UART RS232/RS422/RS485 Current loop

> M321 Stepper Motor Controller with Amplifiers

> M323 Quadrature Incremental Encoder Interface

News and updates

Tuesday, 17-11-2009
Link to dutch article, please find the translation in English below:

Sunphysicians have been able to observe the sun for five days using the largest suntelescope above the earth. The instrument called Sunrise was launched in the North of Sweden in a place called Kiruna on the 8 of June.

During its flight the 1 meter telescope reached an altitude of approximately 37 kilometres. Visibility is the same as in space on that altitude. Because of this very detailed recordings could be made of the bubbling gassurface of the sun. The first images recorded during the flight have been released, but the largest part of the 1.8 Terabytes of data still have to be processed. 

Researchers are especially interested in the correlation between the force of the magnetic fields and the visibility of small magnetic structures on the surface of the sun. Variations are clearly visible in the ultraviolet wavelength, but this light is not able to reach the earths surface.

Sunday, 14-06-2009
Sunrise has landed safely on an island between Greenland and Canada. The mission critical MT Electronics has functioned without problems untill the end, so the project can be considered as a great success.

Recently the Sunrise project has been launched for its first mission, please find below the YouTube video of this event.