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For more then twenty-five years AcQ Inducom designs, develops and produces (safety critical) embedded hardware and software solutions for the industrial market. We like to tackle your problem whether it concerns a standard product or a customized solution.

Our first step is always a dialogue with our customers to determine your needs and the available possibilities. Based on our expertise and knowledge of the most recent market trends, we can formulate the best strategy to solve the problem at hand. COTS products will be used when possible.

Your project is in good hands with our experts; from the design and production to the testing and integration phase. We produce and supply the hardware for embedded control applications and develop the requested application software. We provide the necessary support and training.

Our specialities: Your advantages:
  • Hardware engineering (safety critical)
  • Support of real-time operating systems
  • Secondment
  • Integral solutions
  • One point of contact for an integral solution
  • Short communication lines
  • Comprehensive standard product range

AcQ Platform Interface Software (APIS)

To make the implementation of our products easier for our customers, we have developed a modular software concept, called APIS. APIS supports a wide range of operating systems, like Windows XP/NT/98, MS-DOS, QNX, Linux, SunOS and OS-9. Thanks to APIS, new emerging operating systems can swiftly be supported, without having to take the specification of your operating systems and hardware platforms into account.


acqinducomUnderwater applications (Seajet 2000)

 AcQ Inducom was involved in the development of the Seajet 2000 for Ballast Ham Dredging. The Seajet 2000 is an underwater robot that can be remotely operated by a real or an automatic pilot. The robot digs trenches in the seabed for the installation of pipelines.


acqinducomNaval Ships

EADS Systems & Defense Electronics in France is a global leader in aerospace, defense and related services. Its Defense & Security Division is a provider of comprehensive systems solutions.


acqinducomSublance systems

For Danieli Corus in the Netherlands AcQ Inducom supplies the VME1393 ADC VMEbus board which is used in a sublance system which controls the quality of the steel production. This system is designed to measure temperatures with half degree accuracy. By analysing these measurements the quality of the steel can be determined very quickly, leading to great gains in steel plant productivity.