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AcQ Inducom is a Dutch SME certified to ISO 9001:2008 (AS9100 certification in progress),  which develops and produces non-certified and certified high-tech modular hardware- and software solutions for on-board and ground avionics applications.

AcQ Inducom can perform custom developments compliant with ED12/DO-178B and ED80/DO-254 in various design assurance levels (DALs) for safety critical applications, using the ED14/DO160 for the environmental requirements. AcQ Inducom also offers standard products for various open standards like VMEbus, CPCI, PCI and other bus standards for test applications and other applications like GPS, display, actuators, data logging and -storage.

Through a network of international partners, local development, production and support can be realized if so required for programs.

Tier 1 customers, Tier 2 supplier

AcQ Inducom customers are primarily Tier 1 companies, thus adding to their capabilities in satisfying their requirements, which are often outside of Tier 1 core-competences.

As Tier 2 supplier, AcQ Inducom develops and produces systems such as cockpit displays, control boards, or subsystems which are part of a larger system. However, we also have the know-how and ability to develop and produce complete systems such as flight data recorders and radio altimeters.

Tier 2 customers, Tier 3 supplier

Sometimes AcQ Inducom also acts as a Tier-3 supplier. 




acqinducomAirborne Remote Sensing Products

Optimare in Germany utilizes AcQ Inducom's M302 ARINC-429 controller in airborne remote sensing products such as Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR), Laser Fluor sensor (IALFS), Sensor Network, Microwave Radiometre (MRW), Infrared/ Ultraviolet-Scanner (IR/UV) and Optimized Forward Looking Infrared Camera (OptFLIR)...

acqinducomAir Traffic Control

Park Air Systems in Norway provides Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) solutions for the world's airspace and is specialised in providing leading-edge systems to both aviation and other transport applications. Today Park Air Systems dedicates itself completely to designing, manufacturing and installing ground-based systems...


For Stock Flight Systems in Germany, AcQ Inducom developed a MPC555 based microcontroller board as part of the PowerNecs concept (Network Extended Control System with PowerPC technology). The PowerNecs is a modular system, ideal for object-oriented Controller Area Network applications...

acqinducomSunrise Project

 As a strategic partner of Stock Flight Systems in Germany, AcQ Inducom is involved in a research project, called 'Sunrise'. The Sunrise telescope will measure the three dimensional magnetic vector of the solar atmosphere and precedes other DLR/NASA solar space missions planned for 2011...