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AcQ Inducom is an embedded real-time systems hardware and software solutions provider specialised in safety critical applications and small form factor.

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Aerospace market

Through years of experience in industrial design AcQ Inducom expanded it's know-how and abilities to develop customized and ruggedized embedded hardware and software products, which made the challenge for AcQ Inducom to get involved in the aerospace market a logic step. Read more... 

Industrial market

For more than 25 years AcQ Inducom develops, designs and delivers embedded hardware products to the industry. Varying from standard products to customized designs, ruggedized or adapted to the specific needs of the customer. Read more...

Transportation market

For many years AcQ Inducom also develops, designs and delivers customized embedded hardware products for the transportation market. Varying from I/O boards, display controllers for trains to single board systems for traffic control installations. Read more...

Wanted: Embedded Software Engineer

AcQ Inducom is looking for an embedded software engineer to strengthen our team.

For more information please click here. (Dutch)

Product release: OpenVPX™ 3U Single Board Computer with 24-core Freescale™ T4240

AcQ Inducom is proud to introduce the “Medusa” VPX3424, a 3U OpenVPX™ Single Board Computer (SBC) featuring the all-new T4240 QorIQ™ Processor from Freescale™. This 12-core, 24-thread processor running at 1.5GHz is based on the e6500 core and offers the cutting edge of both performance and power efficiency. With up to 24GB 1866MT/s DDR3 memory with ECC and a range of fast interconnects, it forms the beating heart of this new board, bringing you unparalleled performance.

For more information contact us or see details here. 

Product release: OpenVPX™ 3U PCI Express Switch & PMC/XMC carrier card

AcQ Inducom is proud to introduce the VPX3001, a PCI Express Switch and PMC/XMC carrier card which allows more easy system integration of single board computers and I/O modules in an OpenVPX™ system. It provides a PCI Express Switch (Gen 1/2/3) and a PMC/XMC mezzanine carrier.

For more information contact us or see details here.